Qobuz is a unique online music service that focuses on audio quality. Designed for the most exacting of users, it is the only website on the world to offer its entire catalog in real “CD quality” both as a streaming service and a download service, giving access to the music as it was conceived, performed , and recorded.
Qobuz has a catalog of over 40 million titles, including all Major and Independent labels and is also the world leader for 24-Bit Hi-Res downloads.

Qobuz offers two subscriptions that fit your listening pleasure.

trivum supports with its new MusicCenter V9 software Qobuz as an integrated audio streaming services.

After updating, all trivum players support both subscription variants. Simply enter your Qobuz account and explore the Qobuz music catalog with your trivum multiroom device.

trivum MusicCenter V9 is multi-account ready for simultaneously use of accounts.

That’s how it works:
  1. Update to MusicCenter V9
  2. Create an Qobuz account
  3. Enter your Qobuz account data into the V9 MusicServices menu
  4. and off we go: listen to your Qobuz music in all trivum zones


trivum MusicCenter V9 is multi-account ready for simultaneously use of accounts.
Qobuz Premium
All music in MP3 with 320 kbps
Qobuz Hi-Fi
True “CD quality”
with 16-Bit / 44.1 kHz
Infos about V9 www.trivum.com