trivum gives you the choice. No matter if quite comfortably from the sofa,in the garden, while cooking or browsing at the computer: Thanks to the five possible controlling options, users have their music completely under control.
  • Comfortable by using the wall mounted trivum TouchPads

  • Always at your fingertips with the iPhone/Android app

  • Simple using light switches because of the KNX support

  • Flexible using at computer with web browser support

  • Integrated in automation solutions because of the HTTP/XML api

Although trivum supports di erent devices, the look and feel is nearly the same. And the functionality, if possible, as well.

And what we are really proud of: For the product design of our 4.3″ TouchPad we have won the famous RedDot Design Award in 2012.

4.3″ TouchPad
4.3″ TouchPadControls music and light – and looks excellent.
7″ TouchPad
7″ TouchPadGood size. Fast. Comfortable. Beautiful.