The basic idea behind the FLEX product line is the total independence of the music playback paired with the possibility to be able to access many external (analog) sources.

Each of the FLEX products supports 4 zones. Multiple FLEX products can be combined to support installations with more than 4 zones. Every zone accesses its own streaming source and tuner (SC344) – or one of up to 8 external analog sources (SC348).

Despite of the performance of each FLEX product, it has a very compact and flexible design. The wall assembly is possible if little place exists in the depth. And because the devices are very flat they really fit everywhere in between.

FLEX products are comprehensive solutions on the smallest space.

SC340Independent streaming solution for four rooms. That easy.
SC344More audio sources, more music for four rooms.
SC044Multitalent for four zones with additional subwoofer output.
SC348Independent streaming and eight analog sources in four rooms.