Up to 64 rooms. Up to 16 global and 64 local springs. The PRO product line is our most sophisticated solution and hardly knows any limits.

The development of the PRO product line started in 2002. Since that time, we have made changes in the case, in the plug-in cards and in the design. Nevertheless, the changes have always been compatible. That is the fact that newly developed plug-in cards have tted in the old cases, and also that new software has been installable on existing systems. The PRO products have built-in the future by the modular design.

We see the compatibility as an investment protection for our customers: The devices should give very long pleasure to our customers. And as soon as technical demands change, we are able to take action by developing new compatible plug-in cards.

The C4 system is based on an analog matrix with 16 stereo channels. Because of the analog design, there is no latency in music playback. Even when distributing the same music into 64 rooms.

The modular design allows our solution partner to put together the optimal solution for any of their customer demands.

Controller C4
C4The modular system.
PowerAmp P319
P319Powerful amplifier for 4 rooms.