The installer is the home owner‘s main contact for the subject „technology in the house“. He discusses with them the possible functions which a modern house can oer to the inhabitant. Besides, music is a subject which gives pleasure and may not be absent by the functional planning of the rooms. Hence, the REG product line from trivum is directed especially at the electric planner or electric eld company.

The advantage for the homeowner is, that they have their electrician as a competent contact also for the subject music. And for the electrician, that the trivum REG products are installed where cables end anyway and the technology in the house already has its place.

Our offer by modern audio-devices in the DIN rail format is the worldwide widest one. Whether with built-in sources or only as an amplier – with up to four zones per device customer demands can be fullled extremely flexible. Big, but also quite small ones. And with favorable conditions.


The trivum network players allow you to stream your music in different rooms.

All players can be con gured via web browser. Common protocols like KNXnet/IP, HTTP, XML are supported. There are a lot of possibilities to control the player: via KNX, iOSX app, trivum TouchPad and many more.

All players support the formats WMA, MP3, AAC, ALAC and Flac with a resolution up to 24/96 kHz.

RP010Our basic model for the music lover.
RP310A complete solution for one room – with built-in amplifier.
RP340Affordable streaming solution for four rooms with built-in amplifier.
RP311Three music sources and huge power for one room.
RP341Complete system for four rooms with streaming, tuner, AUX.

The DIN rail amplifiers from trivum can be used very flexible: As an expansion for trivum audio actuators (REG) or as independent universal amplifiers. The volume can be controlled easily using the 0 to 10 volt interface.

The RA410 model meets all demands with its powerful 2×40 watts – a solution for e. g. many connected speakers in larger rooms, or for people sometimes listening to loud music. The Model RA210 with its 2×20 watts is suficient for most cases.

If the amplifiers are pursued in combination with trivum Audio-Actuators, the Actuators take over the volume control.

RA2102 x 20 watts amplifier.
RA4102 x 40 watts amplifier.